Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oh man, don't pull the old "where's the gym" routine ... ah, you did it...

Most every night we gather in the living room and read the scriptures.  The boys completely read the Book of Mormon cover to cover last year (finishing on New Years Eve) and it has been a very nice and awfully painful part of our daily routine. 

Today was funny.  We were reading one of Brigham's favorite scriptures in Mosiah 2 and the discourse of King Benjamin.  We were pretty normally into it when suddenly I realized that there was something askew. 

David had taken off his shirt.  With your shirt off it is much easier to admire your own amazing muscular-skeletal physique.  But you know what makes that even more enjoyable? If you've got a good swole on.  So he goes and grabs Michelle's 5lbs weights from the other room and starts doing a set of overhead presses, followed by 10 or 15 curls for the girls.  That's nice, but no at-home workout is complete without pushups.  ... and yoga poses. 

"Check it out Dad, I'm pretty ripped" he said as I tried to listen to Brigham reading about serving others is serving God.  I squeezed his flexed bicep with my thumb and forefinger.  "No Dad, you need to use your whole big hand to really feel all of my muscles."  Good point.  "That's quite the apricot you've got growing there." "Ya, I workout." 

Yes you do, D, yes you do.

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