Sunday, January 22, 2017

I am Mighty Eagle.

Today was pretty cool.  We went to church in a fantastic downpour and then came home just like normal.  And also just like is becoming normal we had so many missionaries over at our house for dinner and a lesson that our boys were starting to complain we did love them as much we do the missionaries.  Complainers.  There is absolutely very little truth to that statement.

Brigham played the prelude music in Primary today.  The right hand of "Love One Another".  We slipped out of sacrament early to let him practice and he was doing quite well.  But then all of the kids started coming in.  It was kind of like the movie "Up" where the dog kept getting interrupted and yelling "Squirrel" randomly and advertently every few seconds.  I got him to slow down and focus and he did really well.  I never had the guts to try something like that at his age.  I was very proud.

When we came home we practiced piano a bit more.  Both BGB and CMB can play a single note right hand song just sight reading it.  That's like learning the sounds that the letters make, once you know that you can sound out words.  Enough sounding out words and eventually you just know them and if you know enough words you can read.  And once you can read you can understand and interpret everything from a stop sign to a Greek sonnet.  I hope that they will spend great effort in playing an instrument.  It is one of my life's regrets that I lack that ability until now. 

After piano we played a tremendous amount of Skip-Bo Jr. on the kitchen table.  Game after game after game.  Chandler came over and he got in on the action for a while too.  Mackay is a card shark.  The kid just sees numbers and faces and connects them in a way that I will never be able to.  He has something special.  Don't ever play him in memory, you will lose.  And David is remarkably good at that game and all of the complexity of its rules.  He focuses hard and tracks something until he can do it just like his brothers, who are 3 and 5 years older than he is.  I sometimes forget he is such a little man because he is such a big man. 

Our friend Chandler has been coming over for a month or so for the new member lessons with the sisters.  He is becoming a fan favorite.  The boys have absolutely accepted him as one of our own.  They started by calling him the King of the Couch Potatoes because every time he comes over it is for a lesson where he sits on the couch for an hour or so.  They mocked him relentlessly; they slugged him in the side and choked him from behind; they crushed his ego at every chance and they teamed up against him like a pack of ravenous velociraptors in Jurassic Park.  I think it means that they really like him.  It's the only way they know how to show love.

We made another music video.  It was a take on JamesTheMormon's "Tellin You Y" song he made for the last football season.  We had a world premiere for it last Monday where we FaceTime'd with the Bagley's while they watched it and then shared it to all of the Rad Rasmussen's via Facebook.  We already have 44 views (though most of those are admittedly me.)  Friday morning something cool happened.  Michelle woke up, started flipping through her phone and noticed a friend request on Instragram--from JamesTheMormon!  The boys were pretty excited.  They thought it was the coolest thing that he had seen their video and obviously liked it.

At one point one of the sisters was watching the circus play out in front of us all and she said something I really liked.  "I love to come over here, this is just wonderful."  It really is.

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