Wednesday, March 08, 2017

You put the wrong emphaaaahsis on the wrong sylaaaahble.

David is on the cusp of reading.  I lay down at night with him and go through the level one books reciting the stories in Star Wars and he jumps in at every 2 and 3 letter word my finger points at, sounding it out and reading the word.

Today Michelle was working with him on writing words as they were thinking up a shopping list.  He had some crazy letter combinations come out of his little brain but this was the best: C E R E L.  Say and spell that phonetically with me.  Sear=CER, EEEEE=E, ELLL=L.  Sans the stupid silent A he sounded out and came up with that entire word by himself with a nearly perfect spelling.  That was pretty impressive for a kid not even in kindergarten yet. 

But then when Michelle corrected him gently he blew up, ran to his room and pouted for a good 20 minutes because he wants to be right oh so badly and even a minor set back is devastating.

Michelle called her educator mother and quietly they both held it in their hearts like the Virgin Mary did for her son.

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