Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I'd kiss you, if I didn't have puke breath."

Florida is the new infection section.  It started with David last week, then it moved on through Brigham and Mackay.  Michelle picked it up this last weekend and today was my turn.  Fever, aches, liquid coming out both ends...terrible terrible things.  I personally don't handle being sick very well.  I fall and I fall hard.  I complain and grump, I get weak and I look for a kind nurse to care for my poor baby self. 

David is sort of like that but mostly with cuddles.  He has spent a grossly inordinate amount of time these last 7 days snuggling with me, cuddled in my arms, watching TV or playing a video game or sometimes just talking.  It's been an awful week and yet because of this it's been one of the best too.  Even today when he could tell that I was not feeling well he found me on the couch, crawled into the bend in knees and nestled in.  I wish I could capture the feeling in his face, the timber of his laugh or the sincerity of his embrace.  Somethings you just don't forget.

He is a special child and will be a great man.

Tonight we all went to a choir concert.  Brigham and his 4th grade school chorus put on a veterans day show that was fairly wonderful.  I suppose that this is the perfect age for teaching them about some of these basic concepts and music is a powerful instrument to do so.  The look on his face as he sang and the appreciation he craved when we met up with him afterward was palpable. 

I couldn't help but look around the cafeteria full of family members, veterans and children on the stage, the myriad red white and blue shirts, hear the words they so heartfully pronounced and then mutter some awful things about Colin Kaepernik following the National Anthem.  I'd apologize but I'm not sorry.

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